MARINE HVAC DESIGN new business unit in KNUD E. HANSEN

MARINE HVAC DESIGN - New KNUD E. HANSEN business unit dedicated 100% to HVAC Danish Naval Architectural firm KNUD E. HAN…

80 years anniversary

Soon our new book written by Dr. Bruce Peter will arrive - until then, you can have a look at our 75 years of ship desig…

New premises in Fort Lauderdale

KNUD E. HANSEN USA has relocated just a block from our old office, however remaining amongst the breathtaking Intracoast…


KNUD E. HANSEN is a leading independent consultancy providing a comprehensive range of design, engineering and project management services to shipyards and ship owners around the world. Our innovative, customised solutions cover areas ranging from Concept and Basic Design, to the building- and conversion process of all types of maritime vessels and offshore structures to energy optimisation and services for the offshore wind industry.   

Our approach is based on a combination of continuous innovation, the free exchange of ideas with our Clients, and experience derived from many years spent working with every kind of vessel and maritime operator. Using these, we apply fresh thinking to each new project and tailor solutions that are both state-of-the-art and practical to meet the exact needs of each individual customer.

Our achievements