Energy Management & Optimisation

Energy Management & Optimisation

- across all types of systems and vessels

Energy optimisation is recognised as one of the key ways to reduce the environmental impact of shipping and at the same time generate cost savings. At KNUD E. HANSEN we have a range of innovative techniques and state-of-the-art software that evaluate the projected energy usage on newbuildings and the actual usage on existing vessels and identify potential design and operational improvements. Audits, designs, and management plans are tailored specifically for each project to optimise returns. We offer the following services to help clients reach their energy-saving goals: 

Design Services

  • Optimised designs for new build vessels
  • Technical solutions for the upgrade of existing vessels
  • Feasibility studies 

 Energy Audits

  • On board assessment of current vessel performance
  • Proposal for energy savings system by system, including comparison with baseline study showing results in terms of ROI 

 Voyage Management

  • On board management software provided through co-operation with Onboard NAPA Ltd, is used to identify the optimal trim and floating position for each voyage to minimise hull resistance
  • Ballast water management plans for optimal ballast exchange to reduce pump operation and energy consumption

 Weight Optimisation/ Management & Stability

  • Detailed weight surveys for in-service vessels to reduce possible increase in lightweight, allowing increased payloads and minimised draft
  • Assessment of stability and loading conditions to ensure that ballast is not used unnecessarily, which could result in increased draft and added water resistance