HVAC Energy Saving

HVAC Energy Saving

Hvac Model BP SkarvIn any HVAC system a range of actions can be taken both on newbuildings and existing vessels to maximise efficiency. The analysis of HVAC installations can be separated into two main areas: mechanical and automation. The analysis of an installation that reviews both of these areas will result in an energy optimised system.  

We use the following optimisation tools:

System balancing (air, water).

  • Variable % of recirculation air
  • Installation of frequency converters, CO2 and temperature sensors to regulate the flow of air and water
  • Design improvements based on the on-board experience and the analysis of historical data derived from a cross-section of variables.
  • Analysis of the engine room ventilation control systems

These techniques can together deliver energy savings of up to 30%. 
(Based on a 2000 study of a large European-built cruise vessel).

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