The Design Process

The Design Process

Design & consultancy

Our expertise encompasses the whole range of design activities, including:

  • Creative and innovative concept design
  • Optimised basic design based on regulatory and client requirements
  • Integration and coordination of detail design


At KNUD E. HANSEN our design, consultancy and technical support services extend throughout the lifetime of a vessel or offshore structure. Starting at the conceptual design stage and continuing through construction to maintenance and conversion, we provide all the disciplines within naval architecture and marine engineering required to successfully undertake every aspect of even the most complex of marine projects.

Working in close cooperation with our clients we use a staged approach, designed to minimise risk exposure and the costs for all the parties concerned.

Stage 1: Concept Design

We start each new project with the Concept Design phase. Here, we unleash our passion for innovation and creativity to explore all the possible design options while keeping the client’s operational requirements and budget firmly in mind. Using our vast experience and portfolio of reference designs, we narrow down a range of ideas and the vessel starts coming to life.

Stage 2: Tender/Contract Design

With a Concept Design selected, we proceed to Tender/Contract Design. At this phase the client (a shipyard or owner) engages us to further develop the concept to the point at which the yard can use it to calculate a firm price to present to the owner and enter into negotiations. During this phase and prior to the owner signing the final contract, we can also undertake additional services including:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Planning and cost evaluations
  • Purchasing and procurement support
  • Shipyard assessment 
  • Supplier evaluation and selection
  • Reviews of third party designs, specifications and contracts

Stage 3: Optimised Basic Design

At this point the basic design is optimised based on the requirements of both the client and the relevant regulators. This will include ensuring that the design meets the legal and coding demands of the designated Classification Society and the flag state.

Our capabilities and resources also enable us to offer the following complementary services during this phase:

  • Plan approvals
  • Project and contract management
  • Sea trials and delivery
  • Site supervision and inspection as owner’s representative
  • Site supervision and technical support on behalf of the shipyard