Discovering The Future

Discovering The Future

Our willingness to explore the boundaries of naval architecture and ship design since the earliest days of the company has resulted in KNUD E. HANSEN on a number of occasions being years ahead of its time.

12,700 TEU Ultra Large Container Carrier (2001)

In 2001, when a container vessel of 8000 TEU was considered to be ultra large, KNUD E. HANSEN A/S developed a concept for a 12,700 TEU vessel in which the deckhouse was separated from the engine room and fuel tanks set back from the hull. The vessel was designed with two, slow-speed main engines for minimal fuel consumption and twin propellers for the lowest possible propeller load and highest efficiency.

12700 TEU Ultra Large Container

Today, more than 12 years on, container ships of up to 16,000 TEU ply the global shipping routes and this design has become the standard for all ultra large container ships.

World City Phoenix” (1983)

In 1983, we started developing the cruise liner “World City Phoenix” for the owner of a leading cruise ship operator. This vessel, which bears a certain resemblance to a naval aircraft carrier, was to be 380m long, 77m wide and have a capacity of 5,200 passengers.

The public spaces were arranged in a spacious, three stories high, downtown area in the main hull, while much of the accommodation would be in three blocks with all-outside cabins rising from the deck. The transom could be opened to provide access to an internal docking area for four large tenders.  

 World Phonix City

The vessel was never built, but the novel design still stands out as highly innovative even when measured against the cruise liners of today.