Press Release: The coast is clear, SWORC on the way

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2011-05-25 The coast is clear, SWORC on the way

New unique Catamaran makes it possible to reduce oil pollution along the coasts

The newly established company SWORC A/S has signed with Tuco ApS to begin construction of the first of its special purpose shallow water oil recovery vessels aptly dubbed SWORC (Shallow Water Oil Recovery Catamaran).

These 6 m catamaran boasts have several unique features, enabling it to operate effectively in as little as 35 cm water depth. The SWORC employs proven oil recovery equipment which is operated by a crew of 2. The working area of the vessel, some 6x3 m, provides an ideal platform for undertaking oil recovery operations.

To enable a strategic approach to oil recovery and protection the SWORC is transportable by lorry within its own 20” shipping container and also by car on its own road-legal trailer. This allows for both a tactical placement in locations along coastlines, which would otherwise be unprotected, and a rapid mobilization to locations where road transit is possible. Launching is possible by small crane, boat ramp or straight off the beach.

May 25-2011 2

Christian Damsgaard SWORC A/S and Jonas Pedersen, TUCO ApS

The challenging design brief has been realized by KNUD E. HANSEN A/S.

The SWORC excels in difficult working environments with limited access, extensive shallow waterways or remote areas where a self-contained solution is the only option. It is ideally suited to these environments and is highly maneuverable, versatile and operator friendly.

The extreme shallow water capability gives the potential to avoid highly expensive and environmentally disastrous contamination of coastal lowlands and other sensitive ecosystems. The impact of contamination on these shallow water areas is huge and without protection by vessels such as SWORC the only option is to wait for the oil to wash up and then all the contaminated soil, beach sand and vegetation must be removed and disposed of. The removal and disposal of shore material is both highly destructive to the coastal environment and very expensive to safely handle.

Tuco ApS has been selected as the producer for the first SWORC, largely due to their experience in production with composite materials and their history of producing quality vessels. This unique craft is designed according to Lloyds Register Special Service Craft.

For further information please contact:

Christian Damsgaard:

Managing Director, SWORC A/S

phone +45 2521 8212

Russell Brice:

Senior Naval Architect, KNUD E. HANSEN A/S

phone +45 3283 1391

Jonas Pedersen:


phone +45 2014 3898


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