Please visit KNUD E. HANSEN A/S at the EWEA 2012 in Copenhagen on April 16-19, booth No. C5-C42

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Please visit KNUD E. HANSEN A/S at the EWEA 2012

We invite you to visit us at EWEA in Copenhagen, Denmark, at booth No. C5 C42. Offshore wind energy is experiencing a rapid growth with new developments being announced; WTG’s are getting bigger and project sites moving further offshore. At EWEA, we will showcase our turnkey solutions, methodologies, and current and previous projects.

At the show we will present

Installation vessels

We have developed both 1st and 2nd generation installation vessels. We have concepts ready for further development.

Transport vessel and vessel modification

We assist in vessel selection and modification and have done so for many years. We have in-depth knowledge and experience in calculating the efficiency ratios of different vessels.


When vessel selection has been completed, deck structures and sea-fastening of components must be designed, engineered and installed. A critical element is the approval process with the marine warranty surveyor. We have completed several such sea-fastening projects.

Equipment design and operational supervision

We are involved in training personnel in the proper safe use of our own designed equipment. In addition, we supervise processes on-site for safer and more efficient operations.

Methodologies, procedure and process

We are a project partner from the inception of a project all the way to the closing down of the project site and demobilisation of equipment. We conceptualise, design, engineer, train and oversee the use of vessels and equipment – moreover, we document our participation for the benefits of all project stakeholders.

Project phases

We have solutions for every project phase for the design, construction and installation of an offshore wind farm.

  • Tender assistance
  • Engineering and procurement
  • Logistics and transport
  • Installation
  • Decommissioning

So join us at EWEA to discuss the challenges of your project, and see our different solutions.

 Not attending?

Should you not be planning to visit the show, we would still like to show you our solutions.

Please contact:

Russel James Brice, General Manager Oil & Gas and Wind, Senior Naval Architect 

+45 3264 3057 or +45 2887 2966