Bahri Abha RoRo Vessel with Container Capacity

Bahri Abha and Sisters, RoRo Vessel with Container Capacity

Tender Design developed for Bahri, (NSCSA), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

The vessel is flexible and has a large capacity, which is optimised for fast turnaround in harbours. Fully independent with regard to maneuvering and loading/unloading, these vessels are unique given that their size is smaller than the other vessels in the current fleet, yet they have more cargo lifting capabilities with lower fuel consumption. It is estimated that these lighter weight new vessels will consume 45 % less fuel than the current ships, thereby delivering considerable fuel cost savings.

Concept and Tender Design, including:

  • General Arrangement
  • Tender specification
  • Detailed weight and centre of gravity calculations, including weight distribution
  • Line plans
  • Intact stability calculations
  • Damage stability calculations
  • CFD lines optimisation
  • Drawing approvals

Bahri Abha SHIPPAX AWARD High Res