Novel 2000 TEU Container Feeder Vessel

Novel 2000 TEU Container Feeder Vessel

Concept Design developed for ABB

The design delivers excellent fuel economy, a minimised environmental impact and a reduced need for water ballast. It also has excellent slow steaming characteristics together with flexible transit speeds, loading flexibility and increased container capacity for its length, including higher than usual reefer capacity. 

The propulsion efficiency is boosted by an electrically driven counter rotating ABB Azipod unit, which is fitted behind the directly driven main propeller. This system gives the vessel state-of-the-art manoeuvrability, provides redundancy and,  ”return-to-port” power and with an advanced electrical system, including an ABB On board DC grid. The vessel will also be highly flexible with regard to transit speed, as the engines will always be running at their optimal load points at any speed from 2 to 21 knots.

The midship position of the deck house allows more containers to be carried on deck than on conventional feeder vessels with the deckhouse aft. This maintains a level of crew comfort, particularly when compared to vessels with the deckhouse forward. The vessel is prepared for a Clean Design Class notation with fuel tanks arranged in a block below the deck house.

Scope of work:

  • General Arrangement
  • Descripton of vessel
  • Machinery arrangements
  • Design particulars
  • Weight calculation (hull, outfit, machinery) and capacities
  • Speed and power calculation, including CFD analysis
  • Stability calculations
  • 3D visualization of the vessel and a 360° ”fly around” movie.

Main Particulars:

  • Length overall 172.0 m
  • Breadth moulded 30.0 m
  • Draught for Bangkok trade 8.2 m
  • Draught max. 10.5 m
  • Deadweight Bangkok draught (8.2 m) approx. 18,300 t
  • Deadweight max draught (10.5 m) approx. 28,400 t
  • Container capacity TEU on deck 1,448 TEU. TEU in holds 668 TEU. Total 2,116 TEU
  • Service speed fully loaded, 10 % s.m., MCR 18.0 knots Maximum speed fully loaded, 0 % sm., 90 % MCR 21.0 knots
  • Main engine 16,400 kW
  • Aux. generator sets: 1 x 1,200 kW, 1 x 2,800 kW and 1 x 4,340 kW
  • Azipod unit 5,700 kW
  • Shaft generator 4,000 kW