8,300 CEU PCTC

8,300 CEU PCTC

Modern Post Panamax PCTC, designed for Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co. LTD. in Shanghai.

Thorough optimisation has been made to increase the energy efficiency and lower the fuel consumption. Apart from tuning hull and propulsion package, other areas that indirectly have an effect on the fuel consumption, have been optimised, e.g. lowering VCG, reduction of structural weight and significant reduction of carried water ballast.

The vessel is designed around a combined 2- and 1-pillar system which, together with the absence of racking bulkheads, gives a very high flexibility, when handling cargo.

Scope of work

Contract Design, including:

  • General Arrangement
  • Machinery Arrangement
  • Weight calculations
  • Intact and damage stability calculations
  • CFD lines optimisation