Immersive VR Ship Design Tool

ShipSpace is a new virtual reality system that allows engineers, designers and owners to walk on board their new vessels from early design all the way through construction. The unique ShipSpace rendering engine brings your 3D concepts or CAD models to life with startling clarity and solidity and allows you to explore your creations in new ways.

Avoid costly mistakes and try innovative solutions by proving ideas in ShipSpace. Using your original design files means that you don’t have to slow down in order to test out an idea; just import it into ShipSpace and quickly take a look how it works.

Right from the concept phase, you can walk around all areas of your new design and gain a better understanding of the spaces with a true sense of depth and scale. This is a unique and very fast way of validating a design concept and reducing the risk of innovation and complexity.

ShipSpace has proven to be an excellent tool for communicating and developing designs and ideas between designers, engineers, customers and other stakeholders, by enabling them to experience the design in an immersive and interactive virtual reality environment. 

Key Features

  • Fully immersive VR; it really is like you are actually there walking around on the ship.
  • Acessibility via the cloud servers allowing remote or multi-location access; the client or expert advisor does not have to travel.
  • Work with your original 3D designs, no need for a “VR remake” or cut-down model.
  • Smooth real-time rendering, regardless of model complexity (no “VR nausea”).
  • Unparalleled realism and accurate sense of scale.
  • Much less expensive than old-fashioned cave or dome systems.
  • Not only useful for designers and engineers, the intuitive interface and simple setup makes ShipSpace a valuable sales tool from Concept Design throughout the life of the vessel.
  • Complete freedom of movement around the vessel.
  • Intuitive locomotion system for fast and efficient movement around the largest vessel and the tightest engine room.
  • Laser-tracked VR hardware provides accurate depth perception and natural movement within spaces.
  • Fully-managed system (all hardware and software is provided and supported).
  • Includes installation, setup and training.


ShipSpace is specifically designed to work with existing 3D models. Even models with hundreds of millions or billions of polygons can be smoothly displayed in real time.

Advanced optimisation techniques allow ShipSpace to work with highly detailed models while maintaining visual details and the very high frame rates necessary to ensure that users do not experience motion-sickness.

Any 3D software that can export to FBX (which is almost all 3D modelling software) is immediately compatible. Other input systems are possible; please let us know your requirements.


Using ShipSpace and your preferred 3D modelling software, areas and spaces can be quickly modelled to confirm basic spatial arrangements or detailed further with colours, textures and lighting for  unprecedented accuracy and realism.

Ship Space Diagram


The locomotion system combines a teleport control and laser tracking. Teleport enables quick movement about large spaces, while the laser tracking allows natural walking and movement within a 4x4m tracked space. Combined, these options provide a very effective method of movement, allowing visitors to examine large vessels, spaces or areas quickly but also at a very personal scale, leaning over, squatting down, etc. The tracking system is accurate to within millimetres and faithfully processes subtle motions such as head and hand rotation and tilting, allowing an unprecedented immersive experience.

Hardware, Training & Support

All hardware and software for the ShipSpace system is provided and supported. This ensures that the system will always provide optimum performance and reliability, with the most up-to-date VR technology. During installation, on-site training will be provided and additional training is available on request. Ongoing technical support will work with you to ensure that everything works smoothly.

For more technical information please contact us.